Perfecto Mobile Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions (Rev. April 22, 2021)
Terms used in these Technical Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and
Conditions”) are explained in the following table:
The Services are operational and allows access to the Hardware.
Third party who has purchased a subscription to use and access the
Emergency Maintenance
Refers to an emergency need to perform Maintenance and shall exercise
reasonable effort to notify Customer in advance.
End of Life
Refers to any Software release or Third Party Product release that is
declared as no longer supported by Perfecto or such Third Party Product
publisher or manufacturer.
The cradle(s) used to test the Customer’s applications that are incorporated
into the Services platform. Unless otherwise agreed upon between the
parties, the Hardware will be located within a Perfecto datacenter.
Refers to the modification of the Software and Hardware in order to deliver
new features, correct failures, improve performance, or other attributes.
Refers to the process of Perfecto informing Customer about a future
Maintenance activity, and details the work, its timing, and impact on the
Refers to the period of time between the commencement of the Problem
either Customer notification or Perfecto detects that there is no Availability,
and ending when Perfecto has notified Customer that Availability has been
restored. Outages shall not include any time that is due to:
(a) Scheduled Downtime.
(b) A failure or fault of Customer’s systems or of any system not under the
reasonable control of Perfecto or its contractors.
(c) A Force Majeure Event.
(d) Customer’s failing to operate the Services in accordance with the Terms
and Conditions.
Refers to Perfecto Mobile Inc., a Delaware corporation, and Perfecto
Mobile Ltd., a corporation incorporated under the laws of Israel.
Refers to a disruption of the Services. To prevent misunderstanding, issues
disclosed in the product release notes and published product limitations are
excluded from the “Problems” category.
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Problem Resolution
Refers to changes to the service or procedures that either fix or serve as
Workaround for a Problem.
Refers to a version, either full or a hot-fix, of the Software or any other
Third Party Product that is used in its backend system.
Response Time
Refers to the time that elapsed between Perfecto receiving the incident
notification and the initial response to Customer by a member of Support.
Resolution Time
Refers to the time elapsed from the commencement of the Problem until
either a Problem Resol
ution of the incident or the implementation of a
Workaround that reduces the incidence level and is acceptable by
Please note that in rare situations, Perfecto requires
physical access to
Hardware in order to resolve an issue or to properly service a request. In
these situations, the Resolution Time is dependent on the Availability of a
Perfecto Lab Services engineer or a Partner of Perfecto’s engineer who
are co-located with the physical Hardware.
Security Patch
Refers to any software fix released by either Perfecto or any relevant Third
Party Product that aims to solve security vulnerabilities.
Refers to Perfecto’s hosted platform made available to its Customers for
the testing of Customer’s websites and/or mobile applications using the
Service Restoral
Refers to the restoration of a service that was disrupted during a Problem.
Service Restoral may be either a Problem Resolution or a Workaround.
Refers to an agreed classification of a Problem or request in terms of
business impact. See Section 2.2.
Refers to the software products in object code form used in providing the
Services, but excluding any Embedded Software, licensed by Perfecto to
Refers to the Perfecto Customer experience team. This group is responsible
for the technical communications with the Customer. They focus on two
1) Working with the Customer to resolve issues; and
2) Working with Perfecto’s support engineers located at
Perfecto’s datacenters to address the physical needs of the
Support Hours
Daily hours of business that the Support Team is available for assistance
described herein. Customers can contact the Support Team 24 hours a day/
7 days a week. Maintenance is handled out of Perfecto’s US and other
globally located offices.
Third Party Products
Any non-Perfecto-branded products and services (including mobile
devices, and any Embedded Software included therewith).
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Refers to a temporary bypass, patch, or solution for a problem that restores
the functionality of a disrupted service.
2.1 Support and Maintenance Definitions
2.1.1 Malfunctions- Response and Resolution
Response Time
Resolution Time
15 min
2 hours
Severity Level 1 – Critical
15 min
8 Hours
Severity Level 2 – Major
4 Hours
2 Business Days
Severity Level 3 – Minor
8 Hours
5 Business Days
2.1.2 Production Defects
Response Time
15 min
Hot Fix (patch)
Severity Level 1 – Critical
15 min
Future Release
Severity Level 2 – Major
4 Hours
Future Release
Severity Level 3 – Minor
8 Hours
Future Release
2.1.3 Perfecto Services Monitoring
Response Time
Resolution Time
Severity Level 1 – Critical
A pair of 2 monitoring
devices are down
15 min
8 hours
Severity Level 2 – Major
1 monitoring device is
1 Hour
2 Days
2.1.4 Enhancement/Information Request - Response and Resolution
Response Time
Resolution Time
New Feature/
1 Business day
Future release
Information Request
Questions, General
8 Hours
7 Days
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2.2 Severity Level Definitions
(one or few)
Causing downtime or
preventing the
complete system from
Service is
unavailable; more
than 80% of
Hardware is
Subscription Service
availability is restored
Severity Level 1 –Critical
Causes downtime of
functionality or
significantly affects
the major portion of
the system’s capacity.
60% of available
Hardware is
inoperative; 60%
of Test Suite
Satisfactory workaround
is provided; patch is
provided; fix incorporated
into future release
Severity Level 2 – Major
Effects non-critical
functionality or causes
downtime of a non-
critical part of the
system capacity
One piece of
Hardware is
down; Browsing
in one piece of
Hardware is not
Satisfactory workaround
is provided; patch is
provided; fix incorporated
into future release
Severity Level 3 – Minor
Minor problem that
does not impact the
Report starting
time is incorrect
A solution is provided; fix
incorporated into future
Enhancement/ Information
Questions, General
Guidance, Support
How to configure
testing tool; OS
Support Inquiry
Answer to question is
provided; feature
incorporated into future
release; Developers Site
2.3 Support
2.3.1 Customer may contact the Support Team via the following methods: Open a support ticket using the support portal located at:
. Via the help link in the Perfecto web application. Via the Perfecto Developer Portal page, located at: Using the Perfecto Salesforce Portal, located at:
2.3.2 The Services support portal will automatically assign a case number to any Customer
request upon receipt. Customer must quote the assigned case number in all related
communications thereafter.
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2.3.3 The Services may supply Maintenance by certified Perfecto Lab Services engineers or
certified partner following Perfecto’s best practices and security guidelines. Perfecto will
remain fully responsible for the delivery of Maintenance to Customer.
2.3.4 Perfecto Lab Services shall respond and act upon any Customer request or reported
Problem in accordance with its Severity as described in Section 2.1 above.
2.4 Mobile Devices Support
2.4.1 The Support Team shall act upon Customer’s request for provisioning mobile devices
based on origin: In case the mobile devices are to be supplied by Perfecto, a lead time of 10 business
days from request will be applied for the mobile devices to be available in the
Perfecto datacenters, assuming the mobile devices are: Readily available in the marketplace within the same region of the
hosting site; Where applicable, available to operate with one of Customer’s
active “cellular contracts” (i.e. not SIM-lock to specific carrier which is
not available inside the mobile devices pool); In case the mobile devices are to be purchased by other means,
requires special shipment costs, taxes, etc., then those costs will be charged
to Customer. In case the mobile devices are to be supplied by Customer, a lead
time of 3 business days from mobile devices’ arrival at the site will apply
for the mobile devices to be available in Perfecto’s datacenters. Perfecto
reserves the right not to connect provided mobile devices due to physical
or any other limitation it may find. In the event that a device is damaged, Perfecto will determine if
the device is under the manufacturer’s warranty, at which no costs will be
incurred by Customer if the device needs to be replaced. If the device is
not under the manufacturer’s warranty, then the Customer will incur the
reasonable costs for repair or replacement.
Note: The above applies only to mobile devices of the supported platforms, as listed at For unsupported platforms, Perfecto shall be
under no obligation to provide these templates and such requests will be considered
2.4.2 To the extent that the Customer has purchased more mobile devices than the Customer has
cradle access, Customer is entitled to request the connection of disconnected mobile
devices to the Services. In such case, the disconnected mobile devices will be accessible
via the Services within one (1) business day from request.
2.4.3 Perfecto shall periodically publish new releases as well carry out Maintenance of the
system infrastructure in order to roll out new features and improve stability and security.
Planned Maintenance notifications shall be visible to Customer upon login to the Services
within five (5) business days of the start date. Perfecto may, in addition, email Maintenance
notifications to Customer but is under no obligation to do so.
2.4.4 Perfecto may decide, in its sole discretion, of the need to perform Emergency Maintenance
and shall exercise reasonable effort to notify Customer twelve (12) hours in advance, by
Perfecto Mobile Support and Maintenance Terms and Conditions (Rev. April 22, 2021) Page 6 of 6
either email or message upon login to the Services; provided, however, that such notice is
not guaranteed and resulting downtime shall not be considered as outage and will not be
part of the uptime calculation.
2.4.5 Perfecto shall periodically implement relevant security patches in accordance with its patch
management policy, as part of either planned or Emergency Maintenance activity.
Notifications to Customer will be handled in accordance with the Maintenance type, as
stated above.
3.1 Perfecto shall be under no obligation to provide Maintenance in respect of:
3.1.1 Incorrect or unauthorized use of the Services where such use is not in accordance with
Perfecto’s Documentation;
3.1.2 Problems that are related to Customer’s environment and are beyond Perfecto’s control
such as electricity, networking access, internet latency, reliability that are caused by Geo
location, or outdated versions due to unwillingness to upgrade; or
3.1.3 Overdue or not received Fees from Customer.
The metric for the Service Availability for the Services is percentage availability (“Percentage
Availability”), which is calculated by the following formula where all the quantities are totals for a
particular calendar month:
Percentage Availability = [(Agreed Service Time Unplanned Downtime) / Agreed Service Time] * 100%
The variables of the Percentage Availability formula are defined as follows:
a. Agreed Service Time refers to the total minutes in the calendar month minus the scheduled
Maintenance downtime for the Services on that month, either as planned or on an emergent basis,
as described above in Section 2.3.
b. Unplanned Downtime refers to the total duration in minutes of all outages during the particular
calendar month.
The Percentage Availability service level standard shall be 99.5% of the Agreed Service Time.
System availability refers to the user ability to login and use the Services, and not to the Hardware uptime
or availability.